Oriol Corroto Musician, Sound Engineer & Management

Studio & Live Sessions Guitarist

With more than 20 years’ experience playing guitar, I can help you compose, play, or record guitar tracks of any musical genre as requested, and, using all my own equipment I can help you achieve the best quality outcome.

Studio & Live Sessions Percussionist

After 15 years playing drums, and 8 years as the musical director of Banda Patilla, I can help you compose, play, or record the best percussion or drum track to achieve your musical goals.

Studio & Live Performance Music Coaching

Over 5 years in the live music industry has given me knowledge on when and where could be the best place to record your album and how to record it. I’ll help you plan your album and make the most of your time in the recording studio all the way to its release so that you make the best album possible. I can share some tips with you on how to be more efficient and relaxed, perform your live set, and how to adjust your staging to get the most out of your music and your performances.

Live, Recording Sessions and Mixing Sound Engineer

As a Sound Engineer, we’ll focus on getting your best sound in any place: from your rehearsal room to an enormous stage for a live performance, as well as preparing your rider to ensure your stage requests are met to the best technical standards. We can record and mix your new album all in a professional studio.

Website, Social Networks, Roadmanager Management

Don’t let all the boring work get in the way of being a musician: be focused on your goal; create and play music. All the tasks such as finding gigs, interviews, and calls, or preparing the roadmaps for each gig, managing your social networks, updating your website, managing deals between customers and the band, registering your songs with a PRO to claim your rights or distributing your songs via the most popular DSPs… Leave it to me ;)