Musician, Sound Engineer & Management

SysAdmin & Helpdesk services As an IT Technician

I have experience of providing Help Desk services directly to the customer, and installing and configuring software, hardware, and networks; I can also monitor system performance and troubleshoot issues, ensuring the security and efficiency of IT infrastructures. I also have experience of bash-scripting, contacting and negotiating with providers. I am capable of implementing the skills I have learnt throughout my career and applying them to new challenges and projects such as this website you're looking at now! Here are some of the companies I have worked for:


Live, Record, Mix & Stream As a Sound Engineer

My experience in sound system setup, or working in radio stations has given me the knowledge on the best hardware and how to maintain, repair, or replace it, depending on your needs. I have experience of running a technical department and planning the streaming of any event in all technical fields. Here some companies that can endorse my experience in this sector:

Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat Radio Gràcia ScannerFm

Guitarist, Drummer & Percussionist As a Musician

I have implemented my knowledge as a guitarist and percussionist and also had the pleasure of having composed, directed, developed riders, processed registrations for competitions and festivals, registered songs in DSPs, recorded, mixed, mastered, chosen the studios in which to record, or even acted as an investor in projects such as the following:

La Mulata Banda Patilla Nus Pantaleó Charanga Jaleo Band Charanga Los Labradores Tot-Tot Serveis Artístics Henry Dark The City's Last Noise Diables de Les Corts