Oriol Corroto Musician, Sound Engineer & Management


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I'm a Musician and a Technical Engineer specialized in audiovisual systems with musical and programming skills. I’m interested in the connection between technology, music and personal growth. I'm currently working at BMAT Music Innovators as a Recording-IT Engineer.

More about me First steps...

I started learning guitar at the age of 14, and from the very first moment I knew I had found my calling.

Following my technological interests and my goal to connect them with music, I took an advanced vocational training Sound Technician course at La Mercè Institute, and then I studied for my Telecommunications degree (specialized in audiovisual systems) at the UPC. Whilst studying, I also gained experience by working as a Sound Technician for some radio stations (for example Scannerfm.com) or on the IT Helpdesk service at ESADE.

My current job is at BMAT Music Innovators as a Recording-IT Engineer, where I setup, test, and maintain our systems to monitor more than 7,000 radio and TV channels around the world.

At the same time, alongside my job I am involved in some musical projects, such as the marching street band Banda Patilla, Catalan-Latino fusion band La Mulata, or loop covers duet Nus.